Adobe Acrobat P.D.F. files

Some of the documents on this web site need to retain the integrity of their layout when printed: for example, our free web page authoring materials and marketing materal issued in print formats.

All Acrobat files on this web site are produced to be accessible to screen readers and tested using Acrobat 8 ’s Accessibility checker and the JAWS® screen reader. All graphics inside the Acrobat files are provided with alternate text and the documents are tagged to enable screen readers to follow the flow of the document.

We only use Acrobat files when we expect the material to be printed.

Acrobat has a built in zoom feature, allowing text to be enlarged and the latest reader allows properly prepared Acrobat files to by read by screen readers.

Further help from Adobe

Download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe provides the Acrobat Reader® free and the latest version can be downloaded from the Adobe web site:
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader


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